We know the winners of the My Data Hackathon


On June 23-24, 2023, a hackathon of the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, financed from the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic, took place in our premises. The professional community and young talents have designed a number of innovative digital solutions on it, which use the state API My Data.

On the third MIRRI hackathon, 11 teams participated, in which up to 47 hackers worked together, consisting of experienced IT professionals and regular participants of hackathons, but also university students, high school students and other young students. About 18 of them were so determined to create the best possible solution that they stayed hacking in the Campus even during the night.

The jury highly evaluated all presented works

The final decision was very close! Digital services that make it easier to fill in forms or manage life situations such as when a child is born, retirement, moving or starting a limited liability company were rated the best.

The final winners for the second time were people from the Valec team – Martin Nemeček, Robo Hošták and Lucia Novotná from the Trnava innovation studio Kiiub. This time they were helped by the dog Bubo, but mainly by their experience in no code development platforms and UX designs. Even during the night, they improved their solution facilitating the onboarding of companies, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs into the Personal Data Management system. The jury appreciated how exceptionally convenient, simple and graphically friendly their solution is. They took home prize money in the amount of 3,000 euros from the hackathon.

The winners, team Valec

Second place was won by students of the international and business-oriented boarding high school LEAF Academy in a team called MeltFlex. They presented a solution that citizens could use especially in crisis life situations, when they urgently need the help of doctors.

Second place winners, team MeltFlex

In the end, the third place belonged to the team Grizzly or Wezeo II. In this case, too, they were high school students who, in addition to their studies, work on real assignments and software or UX development under the wings of the software studio WEZEO and the couple Grigor Grishi Ayrumyan and Mate Klemp. During the event, they suggested improving the registration to the Personal Data Management application and making it easier to fill out the necessary documents that citizens need when communicating with the authorities.

The third place belonged to the team Grizzly or Wezeo II

The jury’s prize, i.e. a monthly membership in Campus Mlyny, was won by a trio from the Titan x Automatic woodpecker team, whose solution makes it easier to fill out forms and documents for various authorities in Slovakia.

Another successful hackathon was able to raise the awareness of the professional public and the IT community about the activities of the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic, this time about the open API My Data and the upcoming digital wallet, where the user can find, for example, digital versions of documents, but also confirmations from Social insurance companies and so on. A pleasant bonus was the opportunity to attend the workshop “How to win a hackathon” by Martin Veselý from the consulting and consulting company CIVITTA, as well as a presentation by MIRRI SR mentors, who showed Personal Data Management and various life situations in an entertaining way.

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