Campus Cowork

2 coworking spaces, 1 community of creatives, mentors and business people

Our story began in 2016, when the founders of 0100 Ventures were looking for a space for themselves and a bunch of their friends. They received an offer in the Binarium building, and it was here that the idea was born to create a space where like-minded people can meet and become a strong business community. The goal of the Campus has been to connect skilled people and support innovation since its establishment. The first coworking campus Mlyny was founded, which sold out in a few months and opened up the question of expansion. In December 2018, the second Campus City area was also opened.


Experience, entrepreneurship, enthusiasm for new things and friendship

Behind the existence of Campus Cowork is and always still mainly the community. Our team is also a part of it. We take care of your comfort on a daily basis, we share all current events with you and we are especially looking forward to every coffee or terrazzo chat. We are a group of people who met for their interest in startups and innovations, and we also create the atmosphere in Campus in this spirit.

Our projects

Zero 2 Hero

Stories written by the experiences of young and successful people.

Platform focusing (mainly) on young people who are just establishing their career and are looking for opportunities to learn new things. They want to kick-start their own business or gain professional experience. The aim is to point out the first steps that can be done today and result in the achievements tomorrow. Zero2Hero offers multiple educational opportunities or programs specialized in entrepreneurship. 

Startup Den

First online incubator in Slovakia

Startup Den helps in all phases of a business idea. In the initial stage the program is aimed at the business strategy setup and gaining valuable feedback from the first customers which is followed by prototyping, sales and marketing strategy. In the end, the participating entrepreneurs have a chance to meet with investors. The program is also focused on education in multiple fields such as venture capital or how to choose the right people to join the team.


Venture kapitálový fond, ktorý sa zameriava na začínajúce inovatívne projekty.

Technologický event, ktorý je oslavou budúcnosti a technického pokroku

Globálne hnutie, ktoré prepája jednotlivcov, kultúry, podnikateľov a spoločnosti

Európska PE a VC platforma

They wrote about us

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