#TheStudentCorner: We’ve opened our doors to students!


One of the offices in our coworking space has been transformed into a space for students. The Student Corner allows members of student organizations to work on their projects and get acquainted with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Slovakia.

The development of entrepreneurship and the business community is our vision. That’s why we believe that supporting young people in their initiatives and projects plays a key role in building a startup ecosystem where members can gain new experiences, network, and realize their potential.

Since February 2024, one of our offices has been available for use by partner student organizations

Future Generation Europe – organization coordinating informal educational initiatives aimed at assisting young individuals in preparing for their careers

AIESEC Slovakia – international student organization aimed at developing leadership in young people through practical experiences

Lifbee – Central European educational program and innovative incubator. The organization’s mission is to cultivate interdisciplinary teams capable of providing innovative solutions to environmental and medical challenges

Učíme s hardvérom – a project for innovative teaching of computer science in primary and secondary schools using the BBC micro:bit device

DASATO Academy  – one-year program of informal education for high school students in various regions of Slovakia

Univerzitný technologický inkubátor STU InQb – an incubator that helps university students and graduates develop their business ideas through the START and UP incubation programs

Supporting the dynamic development of the Slovak business environment

At Campus, we engage in supporting youth organizations with the belief that this contributes to retaining young talents in Slovakia. We believe that these organizations play a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation, which are essential for the dynamic development of the Slovak business environment. By entering the entrepreneurial ecosystem, young people gain valuable contacts, draw inspiration from the experiences and success stories of our community, and are motivated to pursue their own entrepreneurial projects.

Since the opening of The Student Corner in February, there has been ongoing activity behind its doors, there has been ongoing activity behind its doors.

For example, the Future Generation Europe  has already organized two workshops here as part of their Kompas project, which helps young people discover their career paths.

What does The Student Corner mean to us?

Supporting organizations that bring together proactive young people, expanding our innovative community, and creating relationships that will move Slovakia forward are our mission.

Become part of our community, or come and see some of our events to learn about the benefits of membership in the Campus community.

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