#TheStudentCorner: We’ve opened our doors to students!

One of the offices in our coworking space has been transformed into a space for students. The Student Corner allows members of student organizations to work on their projects and get acquainted with the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Slovakia. The development of entrepreneurship and the business community is our vision. That’s why we believe that supporting […]

Meet Campus community – Viera Čákanyová

Campus Cowork community was, is and we hope will always be about creative people, successful entrepreneurs, people who had a great idea and were not afraid to develop it, or in short about all of you who help us build it every day. In this series of articles, we will introduce you to interesting members […]

Campus Cowork is part of the Association of coworking centers in Slovakia

The Association‘s mission is to create a network of coworking spaces and the people who created them, so that they can share the necessary information with each other, advise each other on how to solve various challenges, or connect entrepreneurs and like-minded people who form the basis of every coworking space, i.e. the community. Everything […]

Campus Cowork – 2022 Recap

The year 2022 meant a lot of great experiences, meetings, networking activities and business development opportunities for the Campus community. Let’s take a look together at what has happened in the past months. Return of people to the premises After two long years of restrictions and the prevalence of working from home, our premises are […]

Campus Community 2021 Recap

Another year has come to its end and we have to say it was full of excitement! Regardless of a difficult global situation our community members achieved multiple goals, expanded their businesses and even started the new ones. And so did we! So, are you ready to meet some of the shining stars of the […]

What does the office of the future look like?

After trying full-time home office, hybrid working models that combine remote and on-site work or even attempting to go back to normal, what is going to be the office of the future? The 9 to 5 working model was proven to be redundant. We have all seen our companies, colleagues, teams or projects work perfectly […]

A year with pandemic on the job market – part 2

Significant decline in loyalty of employees towards the companies is showing its first results. Both the companies’ culture and the way they are perceived by the general public has suffered during the pandemic year. The office used to be the embodiment of the company and the brand. By this we mean not only the way […]

A year with pandemic on the job market – part 1

It’s been a year since we started managing our entire lives including our jobs from our living rooms. How has the relationship between employees and their employers changed and how has the global pandemic affected company culture? There are two types of people. You know, this comparison exists in various everyday situations such as those […]

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