“Craftsmanship meeting artistry” at Campus? Sure. Here’s how (EN)
27 Jun 2019

Michal Vavak, Partner at engerau labs, Online Marketing Expert 


“We weren’t choosing from multiple co-working spaces. Campus was the obvious choice for us.” 


Top three (audio)books/blogs/podcasts that changed your way of looking at the world?

Dune by Frank Herbert

I, Robot by Isaac Asimov

Sapiens: A brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari


Your most favorite treat from Campus bar?

Definitely the poppy-seed cake, nothing can’t beat that!


If you could enter a time machine, what time period would you go to?

If I could also choose a place to be, then California / Silicon Valley in the 70s. I’d love to witness the early days of the IT industry, meet a few of my personal heroes like Don Valentine from Sequoia Capital or Gerald Lawson of VideoSoft.


A quote you live by?

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.“ by Peter Drucker


If you could change one thing right away with a magic wand, what would it be? 

I’d eradicate human stupidity and envy.


A veteran in multiple fields and an apt businessman could be expected to be set in his ways.


With his burning passion for innovation, Michal is anything but that.


Out with the old, in with the new

Coming from a mixed professional background of both corporations and startups, a feeling of duality spans across all of Michal’s business life.


It even made its way into his own description of himself. “Twenty years as a marketer, but always as a geek at heart,” he says.


This mixing of traits doesn’t spare his main endeavor either, engerau labs, which is a digital products company, where “Craftsmanship meets Artistry.”


Engerau labs came into existence two years ago as a merger of three older companies, each owned by one of today’s managing partners.


They were looking to breathe in a bit of fresh air into their businesses. So Michal and his two partners pooled their past resources into one. What they created is a company that is using innovation as a tool in everyday life.


A digital product needed? Here’s a way

Though we say “managing partners” for ease of understanding, Michal would tell you that they don’t even have specific names for their positions. “We are a company without a traditional structure. We’re spontaneous, and our structure is fairly flat.”


So perhaps it is only natural that Engerau labs, sometimes dubbed the “Factory for Startups,” boasts a more natural, modest and straightforward approach to creating digital products for their customers.


Speaking of customers, the company‘s portfolio includes such names as HB Reavis, Grafobal Group, RE/MAX Slovakia, diagnose.me, and several e-commerce firms.


Watch them grow right before your eyes

Michal, a father of two, has watched how – over the course of a single year – his team has evolved from the original three to ten members. That is not to mention the large pool of freelancers and partner companies they work with.


The logical conclusion is that when a family grows, you need to get a bigger house. So the time to relocate came.


“We weren’t choosing from multiple co-working spaces. Campus was the obvious choice for us,” reveals Michal about their decision-making process.


Though they just moved to Campus in January, Michal has lived in. They’re already beginning to experience the additional value stemming from the change while Michal lists the opportunities the space has offered them.


“We’ve already been invited to present ourselves in London this September, and just recently we came back from a VC&PE 0100 conference in Vienna last week.”


Worth a try, ain’t it?


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