Opening the curtain on the indie film industry with Matej Boda (EN)
23 Jun 2019

Matej Boda, Co-founder of Filmzie & DECENT


“Campus is great. I can get to know a lot of people and always have someone to discuss stuff with.”


Your most favorite treat from Campus bar?

Fresh juice.


Which app or tool do you regularly use that most people around you do not know AKA your „secret weapon“?

My wife, who is not a tool, of course. But she’s the secret weapon motivating me to move forward.


The best personal hack that helped you become more effective/productive/healthier/less stressed/get things done over the last 6 months?



Were you not doing what you do, what career path could we see you pursuing?

A traveler.


Matej Boďa is a name well known, not just in the Campus community, but the Central European startup and blockchain scene in general.


Often synonymous with terms “early-adopter” and “pioneer”, he has many experiences in business. For example, does the blockchain company DECENT ring a bell? The fact that he was the co-founder of said startup can tell you quite a lot about Matej.


And now he’s come to join Campus to work on his latest project Filmzie.


A new frontier

Feeling that he’s done a lot for the local blockchain industry, Matej started seeking new challenges to tackle. He likes to keep things fresh.


A gap in the indie film market gave him just the rabbit hole to dive into.


“Independent content is hard to come by. Everyone has either HBO, Hulu or Netflix,” Matej reflects on the current state of the movie industry. “In general, the industry is plodding, and so, content stagnates. Meanwhile, indie documentaries, horrors, and arthouse films are growing in popularity.”


Matej chose to create a solution for the issue at hand.


Digitizing the word of mouth

The self-funded Filmzie is going to be a film rental and streaming platform, providing a variety of social elements.


The proud founder describes his vision as follows: “We want to digitize word of mouth. We’d like to create communities around all the different types of films available.”


Perhaps even more exciting are the plans to allow passionate amateur filmmakers to upload their own shorts and documentaries.


Filmzie is putting these features to the test, even as you’re reading this. A closed beta version will launch soon and will be available to around 2000 people, housing 200 films.


A full version of the service is said to be coming sometime this year.


There’s always a catch

That gap in the market sounds lovely, yet the actual film industry is anything but magical.


As put by Matej himself, “regional rights are a particular problem here in the EU. Usually, a distribution company buys worldwide rights to the film and then sells them to other local distributors. And that just doesn’t make any sense,” he explains openly.


“Why are you selling regional rights, once the internet shouldn’t have borders? Another problem is that if a film doesn’t find a distributor, it dies.”


Filmzie is working hard to not let that happen.


It’s not just how you work, but where you work too

But industry troubles weren’t the only thing striving to turn Matej’s hair white. Though we often say we can work from anywhere in the world, it doesn’t mean that we necessarily want to do that.


“We changed the locations two times before coming to Campus. Both of them were fine, but not what we’d imagined. For example, the second one used to be a copy place, and sometimes we got people coming in and asking ‘Excuse me, where can I copy my documents?’ and 15 developers were staring at the person,” Matej laughs.


In the end, it was old friends who saved the day for him.


“Me, Dusan and Marek (both of Campus founders) used to go out as friends in teenage years. They introduced me to the Campus and the community. It’s a great place. I can get to know a lot of people here and always have someone to discuss stuff with.”

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