Prvý krok k zvýšenej produktivite? Opusti pohodlie domáceho prostredia, hovorí ukrajinský networker. (EN)
19 Mar 2019

Volodymyr Prykhodko, Developer, Founder & CEO of OVVA

 “These two years at Campus have been like graduating from a business school.”


Top three (audio)books/blogs/podcasts that changed your way of looking at the world?

The 4-hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss: I didn’t like it when reading it, but a year after, the ideas from the book changed me. 

Extreme ownership by J. Willink and L. Babin: a must-read to anyone who leads people.


Which app or tool do you regularly use that most people around you do not know AKA your „secret weapon“?

As a joke but based on true story, I use my brain. There is no app for that :)


Were you not doing what you do, what career path could we see you pursuing?

Cycling tour guide.


A quote you live by?

Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.”


If you could change one thing right away with a magic wand, what would it be?

+50% IQ to everyone.


Have you ever been to Campus before?

If so, you’ve probably met Volodymyr, even if you aren’t aware of it.

Often called Volodya by his many friends and acquaintances, he is a developer, founder, entrepreneur, and a great networker. Such a description would be a bit plain, though.

Where does he come from, why has he come here, and most importantly, what does he have to say? To find out, let’s start from the time when he first made his way to this little patch of land called Slovakia.

A home office is a lone office

 “I wasn’t really expecting anything when I first came here with my family, and as such, there was no way for me to be disappointed,” he starts. He had just said goodbye to Ukraine, having left behind his old contacts and old corporate job with no idea what was coming to him.

He only knew one thing: he wanted to do business. In 2014, Volodya founded a web development agency OVVA. During the first year, he operated it out of his apartment.

It gave him enough time to realize that a home office was not all it’d cracked up to be. “I am a sociable person thriving when I can interact with a community. Also, because I was working with an American company, I didn’t need to learn Slovak. But I wanted to!”

Besides, at home, you have your couch, your refrigerator and “everything else that makes you not want to work.”

A change of script was needed. Volodya started looking for a place to take refuge from the isolation. “Because when you walk out of your house and say to yourself ‘I’m going to my workplace to do the work,’ that’s the first step to productivity.”

Need a wow effect? Just step in!

Volodya’s decision to step out of his comfort zone – literally – led him to Campus.

Back then, the community space was still very young, just two weeks after opening. Despite that, this Ukrainian entrepreneur was immediately ‘wowed,’ as he puts it. “That first impression stayed with me for a long time. I wanted to come back every single day.”

He’s been looking for an open space environment which would be modernly equipped and have an international community. “For me, Campus has been number one in that sense. Just two weeks after I moved in, it housed people from 15 different nationalities.”

So he immediately moved to Campus and in cooperation with other Ukrainians started the “Speaking Club,” where foreign community members could get together with a Slovak native to work on their language skills.


Giving back the good vibe

Before moving to City, for almost two years, Volodya occupied his fixdesk at Campus Mlyny. No matter if it was a weekend or a holiday, you could find him there.

At one point, he even spent more than 24 hours in a row. To be just, it happened during a hackathon run.

He’s been an active part of many Campus events. “This co-working is more about the community, not so much about the space people are in. Over time, the core members I met when I first came to Campus became a tight-knit family.”

During those two years, Campus has grown. So has Volodya’s business. Amongst Campus residents, he’s found more people to work with, as well as more clients to work for.

Come once, come all the time

At the time when Campus City was about to open, Volodya felt he wanted to give back to the community. “I was thinking, ‘How can I introduce all the new people to what we are all about?’ I wanted to bring to City the culture we spent two years developing at Campus Mlyny.”

Today, he is actively introducing the space to new members, warmly welcoming them and helping them with networking and getting to know the community.

In terms of his own development, Volodya knew he wanted to be more of an entrepreneur than a developer.


He found the answer at Campus. “These two years here have been essentially like graduating from a business school. I have benefited a lot from visiting the events you get access to and gained a great deal of knowledge you couldn’t get elsewhere.”

His wish? To see people grow, just like he has. And the more people that can achieve their potential, the better for the whole ecosystem.

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