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13 Mar 2019

Mišo Dužek, Interactive developer, Co-founder & developer at We Make Games


Which company/startup/non-profit organization in CEE inspires you and why?

ESET, because it has proven that even in Slovakia, you can build a globally successful company.


The best personal hack that helped you become more effective/productive/healthier/less stressed/get things done over the last 6 months?

Intermittent fasting.


Were you not doing what you do, what career path could we see you pursuing?

Probably a biomedical engineer.


Who is you your favorite movie character and why?

Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption for his ingeniousness and determination.


A quote you live by?

If you want to be happy, be.


Very few words could describe him as well as “early adopter.” Mišo started dabbling in programming at only 6 years of age.

Sometime along the way, he picked up the title of a “Technological evangelist,” nicely describing his ability to find anything new and cool, and quickly adopted it.

It is safe to say that Mišo would never quite fit into a “normal” sample of the population (his polyphasic sleep practice says “Hi”).

Thanks to that, however, he’s been able to find a comfortable place among the tight-knit misfit family of Campus.


The ABCs of Programming

Mišo started programming at an age when some were still learning how to tie their shoes.

Soon after he had gotten access to the internet for the first time, he became an active part of a forum-based programmer communities, which he’d often bombard with his newest creations.

“No one ever believed me how old I really was back then,” he recalls with no small hint of amusement.

When hearing Miso talk about how he used to learn new programming languages whenever he’d find something that interested him, it is difficult to not picture a multilingual child, enthusiastically getting the hang of foreign concepts, without even realizing it’s doing it.

However, in his own words, there are drawbacks to this as well. “All of my free time went into programming. I was a total geek.”


Getting your heart in the game

While still in high school, he got a job at a prominent Slovak digital agency Zaraguza. Eventually, he went his own way and offered his services as a highly sought-after interactive freelancer.

Mišo’s ambitions have always laid elsewhere, though.

For him, the true Holy Grail have been games.

“When I was five, I used to draw my own game creations and show them to my parents, shouting ‘Look mom, look dad, this is what I want to make!,’” he confides with a smile.

So when freelancing started to get boring, Miso knew just what to do. He went to his best friend Jozef and talked to him about making something of their own. And just like that, We Make Games was born.

A company, which name is a proud war-cry of the game enthusiasts that started it.

game developer

Building a home base

We Make Games has had quite the journey over the years, starting out in humble circumstances like its founder. During the first period of its lifetime, it operated out of a garage in Mišo’s parents’ house.  

The original two-man soon grew by more people and as the company started to grow, the time to move came.

That marked the chance encounter with Campus. “We went in to check out some available offices on another floor. As I found out Campus is above us, we took them just like that!” he snaps his fingers enthusiastically.

When asked what he liked about the space so much, he just shrugs. “I liked everything.”

“Whenever I mention Campus, everyone knows it. I especially like how many talented freelancers are around here, that I could work with. If someone’s looking for a coder, a writer or a marketer, they’ll find them here,” Mišo assures.

That is also the reason why he is putting together a community database of all the members of Campus. To connect everyone and help them find the experts they need.

Kind of like private Campus social network.


Interested to try out our membership for free? Just go for it!


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