Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon 2018 - v 0100 Campuse (EN)
25 May 2018

It’s looking like a good turn-out — we have some of Slovakia’s stars rolling in for the DECENT ‘Blockathon’...

Hackathon in Campus Coworking 

Team-forming first, then I’ll have a wander around — see what they’re up to.

…oki doke, SnackTrack first!

Jan Káčer, SnackTrack

Jan Káčer - SnakTrak

" So this is an app to check where your food is grown or produced. 94% of the U.S. population care about where their food comes from."

“You scan a QR code of a dish on a menu or a product in a shop, and the farms or producers of the ingredients pop up. Same for non-food. Scan an electric razor, see where the lithium in the battery was mined. Could help make brands responsible for ethically sourcing their components and ingredients.”

Jozef Szadvari, DECENT Car Marketplace

Jozef Szadvari in Campus Coworking

“Our project tracks a car’s parts and its service record. If you’ve ever bought a used car, you probably know that feeling of unease — am I buying a lemon?

“Transparency is better for the seller too — a solid, trustless service record, and you can ask a higher price.

“The blockchain record can be integrated with the car’s own built-in component detectors — to work towards a kind of ‘blockchain guarantee’.”

(This project pivoted — see how it evolved).

Alexander Nikodijevic, Werbifi

Werbifi team at 0100 Campus

“We have 3 marketing solutions: indoor digital billboards, a wifi captive portal, and web SDK.

“The Wifi thing is the splash screen that pops up when you connect to a retailer’s wifi. We verify all users with their phone number, then the retailer can send offers. Let’s say you’re a regular customer at a restaurant — the restaurant knows, because you connect to wifi — so every 10th visit maybe you get a free coffee — or whatever the retailer wants to offer.

Retailers can show info and offer on the billboard. And the Web SDK is like Google Adsense but the blockchain enables us to give advertisers a trustless record of clicks and interactions.”

Peter, Tibor, Ivan, Blockchain Academy

Blockchain Academy team at hackathon

“We’re a matchmaking service for blockchain projects — getting the best people onto the best projects. And weeding out the scammers! We run blockchain and cryptocurrency courses, too — so people can increase their knowledge and up their rating on the platform.”

Peter Kris, Veritas Network

Peter Kris in Campus Cowork

“Our project is a response to fake news. People are manipulating videos to make people say things they didn’t say. There’s one of Obama online — and it looks real — feels like some truly screwed dystopia.

“A few tweaked words from a politician’s mouth could have severe consequences in the financial markets. And this is in the context of the statistic that people are six times more likely to share a falsehood than a truth.

“Our service verifies the authenticity of the content. Content is signed with private keys. A use case would be Twitter, with an icon or other visual that appears on verified content.

“Our first customer will be Trump. He doesn’t trust any of the media — he wants a trustless ledger to verify his content isn’t fake news.”

So who won?

Second place — SnakTrak. 3 Months’ hot desk membership is the prize.

And first place — Werbifi! — for a bagful of DCT — 20K, which is about €15K.

Blockchain Pioneers Hackathon Winners

And the food was so good that by the time I got my camera there, it was all gone!

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