Ukrajinský tím freelancerov v Campuse (EN)
20 Jan 2017

0100 Campus is happy to introduce you our freelancers from Ukraine, another great part of our venue. Read more about their story, their journey from their hometown to 0100 Campus.

This sympathetic squad is composed of five men.So let us introduce them a bit to you. Stanislav solves e-commerce solutions development, Yuriy codes in PHP, Volodymyr creates web pages based on CMS and provides assistance in developing business intelligence

Igor develops android apps and shifts his knowledge into schools, and last but not least Andrew is running small outsourcing company in Ukraine.

Let’s dive into their story.

What brought them to 0100 Campus?

They were looking for an office as they didn´t want to work from home. They had two options — rent an office or find a coworking place. “I was looking at the FB page for 0100 Campus and I found out how the opening hours were like and what you are offering. We then came here to one of the events, Rockstart Answers”, said Volodymyr. After the event they had a tour through the 0100 Campus venue and loved the place. Main reason was the international community and excellent location.

0100 Campus is a great place to work, meet new entrepreneurs, get to know them and their projects. “Community events are a really good chance to meet people from 0100 Campus and get to know them better. We are always trying to help them when they come to us with some problems or questions and vice versa — when we need to figure something out, they are always willing to help.”

Slovakia versus Ukraine

There were many reasons why they decided to relocate from Ukraine. First and foremost, they wanted to travel with their families and wanted a change of scenery. They wrote a list of countries they could potentially move to. “We couldn´t just go anywhere we wanted — we needed to have good work conditions as well as access to other entrepreneurs. That's why our list of countries was shortened and we ended up choosing between Slovakia and Slovenia.”

Ukraine in coworking

Living in Slovakia and plans for the future

They have now been living in Slovakia for more than a year, getting to know Bratislava and because Slovak and Ukrainian is not too similar they have started learning Slovak. They have been learning alone or in courses, but thanks to 0100 Campus they now have a small group of foreigners who are also keen on learning slovak. “We are also speaking with Slovak and the longer we live here, the more we know.”

What the future holds?

What are their plans for the future? Though they are a small group there are many plans. Igor would like to develop, extend his company and later launch his own startup. His plan is to have bigger team and later launch startups too.

Volodymyr has a vision of creating a new news portal focusing on what´s going on in Bratislava and its surrounding area, written in Russian, and later perhaps also in English. As he said, there are many foreigners from Russian speaking countries who live here and don´t speak Slovak very well or not at all. With this in mind the news portal will include information about events in the city, changes in public transport or just simply about living in the city. Once spring arrived, they will be looking for new editors.

Igor and Yuriy are now launching a parental control application. “Parents can have more control and know which applications children are visiting, how much time they spend in ‘good ones’ where they learn something new and also ‘bad ones’ which are more recreational. The process is gamified by allowing children to acquire points when using applications labelled as ‘good ones’.”

We are keeping our fingers crossed wishing them success in all their endeavours.

These guys are part of our international community and with their positive energy they are keeping their coworkers motivated.

If you would like to join 0100 Campus and become a part of a vibrant community looking to leave a mark upon the world, just contact Sandra at and try your first day for free!

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