We are joining forces with StartuPeak with the aim of unifying the startup ecosystem in Slovakia


How about even more opportunities to grow and learn? Thanks to the organization of innovation events and supporting the business environment, we got to know StartuPeak some time ago. Their goal is to connect Slovak startups and assist with their expansion. Recognizing our common vision for what the Slovak innovation ecosystem should look like, Campus Cowork and StartuPeak are merging into one entity.

Just like Campus, StartuPeak has a robust community of individuals and companies with whom it has been actively cooperating since its origin. “Over the past two years, as part of StartPeak’s efforts, we have organized several networking events for the Bratislava startup community. After Reflect Festival 2022, we began discussing potential joint projects with Campus Cowork,” explained Majka Szarková, who has now also become the CEO of our joint venture.

The goal of our partnership is to create a world-class business environment in Slovakia, bring innovative events, numerous networking opportunities and connect organizations, projects or civic associations that share similar ideas.

“Throughout the six years of operating the Campus Cowork coworking space in Bratislava, we have repeatedly witnessed the accelerated growth of freelancers and startups when they come together to share the know-how they’ve gathered. The collaboration between Campus Cowork and StartuPeak perfectly embodies this concept,” added Viktor Štefaňák, head of partnerships at Campus Cowork.

We will continue to operate the Campus Mlyny coworking space with a wide range of options for freelancers and established startups. The premises can be used thanks to a simple reservation for a 1-day membership, but also a regular flexi board, a permanent workplace, or even your own office for a monthly fee.

The lineup of networking events and innovation hackathons will continue, with an anticipated increase, thanks to the close synergy between Campus Cowork and StartuPeak. This collaboration will infuse fresh innovative ideas into the local ecosystem, providing young entrepreneurs with more opportunities to establish contacts and acquire knowledge. The partnership’s overarching goal is to fortify the position of the Slovak and Central European startup ecosystem on the global business map.

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