The Banská Bystrica Region is set to digitalize its office. Upcoming hackathon will help find solutions to manage documents electronically

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Hackathons are coming back to the regions. The eighth hackathon from the Ministry of Investments, Regional Development, and Informatization of the Slovak Republic is awaiting us on May 10-11 in Banská Bystrica. The goal is to create a digitalized document management system. The theme of the hackathon, “Digital and Efficient Paperless Office,” was proposed by the Banská Bystrica Region, which sees the digitization of document management as an opportunity to work more effectively and efficiently. The result of the hackathon should be a system that provides faster and simpler access to the administration’s documents, their efficient approval, or commenting, with the possibility of publication for citizens and similar benefits.

We are very pleased that the project is bringing innovations to Slovakia. It shows that hackathons provide a space for many young people to engage their creativity and devise previously unknown solutions for public administration,” said Viktor Štefaňák, Head of Partnerships at Campus Cowork.

Effort to make the office workflow more efficient

The selection of the hackathon’s topic was motivated by the BBSK Office’s non-standardized creation of a large amount of documentation, which forces office staff to spend a lot of time reviewing, approving, and processing individual documents. A standardized system has the potential to relieve employees from routine work and thus improve their services. The topic owner, BBSK region, also expects a solution that will be created using a low-code or no-code approach. This approach will allow for simpler administration and management of the system in the future.

I am delighted that the Banská Bystrica Region is one of the five successful applicants who will participate in the project this year. We have long supported innovation in the region, so I am pleased that we have also received support from MIRRI to find an innovative solution. The goal of the May hackathon is to create a digital document management system tailored specifically to our office. Therefore, I believe that among those registered will also be students from our region, as the hackathon is a great opportunity to show their potential and gain a lot of new experience,” added Ondrej Lunter, the chairman of BBSK.

The goal of the hackathon, funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic, is to design an innovative solution that will make the processes related to document creation, their commenting, approval, searching, and their publishing to the public more efficient. Financial resources of up to EUR 100,000 excluding VAT are allocated for the implementation of the winning solution.

Registration is open

Individuals and teams composed of tech specialists, experts on the selected challenge, and young innovators can apply for the hackathon by filling out an online application form on the website Together, they will develop a solution to the challenge: “Design a Document Management System (DMS) for creating, managing, and monitoring the lifecycle of documents with respect for processes and laws in the environment of the Region.” The winning solution will be rewarded with 3,000 eur . 

Registration is open until May 8, 2024, or until capacity is reached.

We look forward to your participation and your ideas that help to move Slovakia further on its journey to digitalization.

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