Campus Mlyny
Place for your business

Office space for 8 to 10-member
teams with hassle-free parking

We offer lucrative office space in the Binarium building. In addition to your private office, you will have the opportunity to use convenient online booking of fully equipped meeting room, focus rooms, or use soundproof phone booth.

Advantages of Campus membership


In our community, we have been dedicated to connecting people and supporting business for many years, which is why we can provide you with professional legal, marketing and business advice, connect you with a VC fund, or possible business partners and future customers.

In-house cafeteria

In Campus Mlyny, we also have an in-house cafe that offers light snacks, hot and cold drinks, fruit and, last but not least, the opportunity to plan an informal meeting with your colleagues.

Favorable price offer

Price from 2080 EUR / month excluding VAT

Other benefits

Sunny terrace

In-house cafeteria

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