The power of community

Being a member of Coworking has many advantages and a world of new possibilities will open up for you,thus speeding up your progress.

Networking events

Startup Grind Bratislava

Startup Grind Bratislava

Startup Grind is the largest independent startup community, actively educating, inspiring, and connecting more than 1,500,000 entrepreneurs in 450 cities. We are more than happy that the Campus team is working each month to bring you the most interesting fireside chats as organizers of the Bratislava chapter.

The cornerstone of our global community are monthly events featuring successful local founders, innovators, educators and investors who share their stories and the lessons learned on the road to building great companies.



Zero2Hero is a platform (not only) for students who are looking for opportunities to learn something new and gain new professional experience or start their own business.

They are writing and sharing stories of young people that started their business when others of their age are still deciding what they are going to do in life. They’re showing their first steps and how anybody can apply them in their life.

Business opportunities

0100 Conferences

0100 Conferences

The combination of best practices and state of the art methodology to support corporate innovation. The team consists of entrepreneurs with colorful backgrounds and rich experiences: anything from drafting and implementing a product to business development and market strategies.

0100 Innovations

0100 Innovations

A new generation conference company focused on networking between the key players in the VC/PE ecosystem. Their goal is to open up opportunities to meet further venture partners, meet impressive leaders and connect this community.

Reflect Festival

Reflect Festival

The biggest future-casting festival in Cyprus, connecting Europe and the Middle East. A festival of the future we’re building with a goal to connect those who want to actively shape what’s ahead.

Educational projects

Coder Dojo


Free, safe and fun place for kids in the ages of 7-17 years eager to code. In Campus, as well as in other “dojos”, kids and teenagers get a chance to understand technologies that shape the world around them. Thanks to dojo, they learn how to create websites, apps and games.


Student Mastermind Group

Students regularly meeting within the closed Mastermind group are ambitious active people who learn from each other’s professional lives and mistakes. Mastermind - a group meeting format organized throughout the world within entrepreneurial communities.

V4 Startup Force

V4 Startup Force

A unique educational program with the goal to build a bond between the startup ecosystem and corporate world. It offers a platform and visibility for regional players while aiming to connect them on the market. This concept includes a 10-day training in Budapest organized by Design Terminal.

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Webglobe Yegon
Perry Talents

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Night of chances
Leaf Academy

Media Partners

Robime It
Slovak Startup
Zero 2 Hero

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Dušan Antoš
Paola Hemzová
Lenka Stachová
Viktor Štefaňák