Celebrating International Coworking Day: Empowering Collaboration and Local Development in Slovakia

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August 9 is International Coworking Day, which we celebrate together with the growing coworking movement – Coworking Slovakia. Our aim is to raise awareness of the existence of coworking spaces across Slovakia and connect people who could benefit from working in a coworking space in their region.

Coworking represents workers of different specializations, freelancers, independent creators, writers, programmers, or graphic designers who share the same space, equipment, and work under one roof instead of working from home. In other words, coworking offers freedom at work, shared know-how, contacts, and experiences. Last but not least, coworking spaces support cooperation and local development in the locations of their operation.

The origins of coworking go back to 1995 in the capital of Germany, Berlin, where a group of people with a common interest in computer engineering decided to connect, meet, collaborate, and learn from each other in a shared space. Subsequently, the beginning of the coworking phenomenon is attributed to the collective workspace of the software engineer Brad Neuberg in San Francisco, who, among other things, contributed to the creation of the International Coworking Day in 2005 with his activities.

Campus Cowork Open Day

Behind the establishment of Campus were a group of people who were looking for a space where they could meet and exchange experiences, or simply chat about new business ideas. Bringing people together is still our vision, and that’s why we invite you to an open day at Campus City and Campus Mlyny this Wednesday, August 9.

The Campus doors will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., so come and get to know our community, experience a day full of inspiration and good mood, and find out what it’s like to work from a coworking space.
The association of coworking centers – Coworking Slovakia was established in 2022 as one of the outputs of the project Strengthening the capacities and social contribution of community coworking spaces in Slovakia, supported by the ACF – Slovakia program, the EEA financial mechanism 2014-2021. It currently unites as a civil association 16 local community coworking spaces from all over Slovakia with the aim of sharing their experience and know-how and thus jointly developing the business ecosystem in Slovakia. You can find more information about the Association on the website: https://coworking-slovakia.sk/.

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