Campus Cowork will host the next MIRRI SR hackathon


My Data Hackathon: Creation of revolutionary digital solutions using personal data from public administration will be held on June 23-24 at our Campus Cowork premises on Staromestská street!

The Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization of the Slovak Republic (MIRRI) is fully aware of the importance of informatization of public administration and the need to bring new digital solutions for citizens and entrepreneurs. Hackathon “My Data” is funded by the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic and its goal is to invite the professional community to develop their own innovative digital solutions that use the state API My Data, i.e. an application where citizens will be able to find digital versions of documents (IDs, driver’s or technical licenses), but also confirmations from the social insurance company, or confirmations of school attendance and the like.

Competing teams will be able to design their own solutions, thanks to which secure access to this data will be used by citizens, entrepreneurs, or innovative companies to facilitate everyday situations. Their potential is practically unlimited. Through the hackathon, MIRRI wants to get valuable feedback that will enable the Personal Data Management project to be improved in its final phase. Participating teams will play for a financial reward of altogether 6,000 euros.

Goals of the hackathon

The goal of the hackathon will be to design a prototype of a digital service that will use the My Data API. The greatest opportunity and potential for possible cooperation with MIRRI will be given mainly to services that solve life situations, as such services would directly help to fulfill the goals in the field of digitization of Slovakia. As an example, one can imagine solutions that facilitate obligations in the event of the birth of a child, retirement, relocation or founding of limited liability companies.

As part of the bonus challenge, it will also be possible to propose applications of commercial services that would make data from public administration available with the express consent of the citizen. It can be services such as a digital notary, setting up contractual insurance or a bank account, or simplifying the handling of a loan or mortgage. This challenge will be rewarded with a jury prize, which is a monthly membership in Campus Mlyny! 

Campus Cowork will offer facilities, food and showers

Competing teams at the hackathon will explain their solutions in the form of a short, several-minute creative presentation that defines the problem and goals, feasibility and target group. In addition to beautiful spaces and fast Wi-Fi, Campus Cowork will also provide the contestants with a drinking regime, snacks in the form of buffets and hot food, or the possibility to hack even during the night.

If you are interested in how the participating teams will do, come and watch the pitch contest and evaluation on Saturday from 5 pm at the Campus Cowork premises at Staromestská 3. Admission is free.A more detailed program and list of mentors can be found at

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