How are you handling Covid-19 crisis in your company?
20 Apr 2020

Almost four years ago, Campus was created because we felt an urgent need for more than just space - but rather a home to a robust entrepreneurial community. 


We have always believed in the power of togetherness and diversity, connected in one place. Sure, it was about creating an inspirational workspace, but we've realized that great things and unique ideas can happen when the right people come together. 


This crisis we are facing these days poses a new challenge for companies and freelancers. The task to completely reboot how teams and individuals work is, understandably, daunting. The situation is changing every week, and all our plans for 2020 are hanging in the air. 

While the future is uncertain, one thing's for sure - nothing will ever be the same, and a new normal is bound to come. We found our new normal after September 11th and also after the 2008 financial crisis.


The companies that didn't give up but raced to identify what's next recovered quickly, as opposed to those that just waited it out. 


Right now, the Campus team is envisioning the new normal for our business. We're surely not the only ones to look ahead and work hard to adjust, and we understand that some companies need to wait and see what comes next.


Yes, we are living in an era of the individual and unlimited options. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that no business will go through this on its own, and the sense of community, as well as offering a helping hand, will be more critical than ever.


So what are you doing? Do you think that the way we work - already massively disrupted by millennials and Gen Z - will undergo another unprecedented transformation? Are you curious about what your new normal will be? Do you wonder how your employees and clients will work in the future?

Tell us more! How are you planning to tackle the upcoming times of disruption within your businesses?

Never let a good crisis go to waste, W. Churchill 

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