Would you believe how much happened in Campus during 2019?
30 Dec 2019

Can you imagine all that can happen in a co-working space during one year? Here's a brief overview of all the exciting statistics, highlights and the important moments of 2019 - oh, and there's a little present waiting for you in the article.


First things first - the coffee.

Many of our  Campus friends consider coffee the number one priority in their daily routine. o wonder they were able to drink almost 32 000 cups of the energy-boosting hot stuff. To be precise, we drank 31 578 cups of coffee together in both of our spaces.


Do we have drinking problems?

Not at all! The truth is that our co-workers maintain healthy drinking habits. The bars in our spaces counted 118 550 liters of water drank during 2019, which is equal to the amount of water in a mid-sized swimming pool.


We're meeting each other - a lot!

2019 had 365 days. The next year will be a leap one - with 366 days. Not even that would be enough to cover all of our meetings. If all of our members wanted to organize their meetings in one meeting room, we'd need 9984 hours or 416 days. Fortunately, we have 8 meeting and 7 focus rooms across our spaces which are used on a daily basis.


There is a freelance & small team talent concentrated.

Our offices represent a second home for 247 freelancers & small teams that work from our hot & fixed desks. The talent concentration means that bigger teams in our spaces can take advantage of it and assign various gigs, which creates an ideal win-win situation for both of the groups in Campus.


We're still learning new things.

Campus team views educational activities as one of their most crucial commitments. We're working hard to bring our co-workers the freshest news from a wide spectrum of fields, from work-life balance through self-development to hard skills like software development or law. This year we organized 43 educational events & invited more than 60 skilled speakers to our spaces. Don't miss any of the upcoming 2020 happenings - subscribe to our newsletter and gain access to exclusive free events @ Campus.

On top of that, we've done 64 hours of healthy yoga at both spaces - City & Mlyny. During the summer we brought regular exercises to our co-workers 2 times a week.


Party time is around the corner!

New Year celebrations are coming & we will celebrate as we are used to. During the whole year, we worked hard and played hard: we organized 5 big parties & the countless number of smaller teambuildings. 

As you can see, being a part of our community means experiencing a very full year. Try Campus now for free & experience the modern style of work.

Thank you all for everything in 2019. We're ready for the next decade, are you with us?

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