Why are you still working from home?!
03 Jun 2019

Talking to potential clients, seeing people working in cafés, kid's rooms, etc… We can't help but ask: why are you still doing this?


It's not just us wondering - it's actually the people deciding where to work. There are just so many questions that pop into your head when someone says coworking! It's been a while since we have opened our first coworking Campus Mlyny. Ever since then we are constantly answering questions like:

  • What is coworking?
  • Why should I pay for that?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Is it for me?

We also asked literally everybody who joined us: what was the deciding factor? And OMG, wasn't it always the same stories? So, of course, we started thinking about how to communicate that choosing Campus will solve most of your work issues (sometimes all of them).


From the moment we wrote these reasons on a whiteboard, we knew that picturing a real situation people are facing is the best way to connect with our target group. Among others, we chose the ones that bother freelancers and small teams the most: 

Kids are the greatest gift of all, but let's face it: when you need to concentrate and work, they may not be the ideal companions. How can you deal with this? Choose proper work-life balance so you can be present and 100 % focused on your family when you are at home.


One of the most popular places for work are cafés. But why? Wi-Fi is often weak, you have to order stuff all the time and other customers are not always in accordance with what you may call work environment. What about the place where you can work and also relax over a cup of coffee?  


Should you be doing laundry, wash dishes, or deal with noisy neighbours in an office? In the end, you don't even know if it was a work day or another day at home (office). And again, it takes a lot of discipline to divide personal and work life.


You are ready to take your project to another level by creating a team that will just rock it! But it still seems too early to move forward with your work environment. Well, let's face it, how professional is it to have meetings in a kitchen or take your clients to a café to make a deal?


Then you said to yourself - ok! Let's do this the right way and set up a proper office. You browse all the opportunities in real estate & you find the one, not too pricey and quite cool... It's just that the contract is quite long and complicated. And who will keep an eye on stuff such as printers, cleaning, furniture? Maybe that's too many issues - don't deal with the devil if coworking could be a hell of a deal for you.


All in all, this shows freelancers & early-stage entrepreneurs that their life can be convenient and pretty easy. At least when it comes to working.


Thanks to this campaign, we now have just a few last places available in our spaces. Which one would suit your needs & solve your problems the best? Discover whether it is CITY centre or green student valley MLYNY. And don't forget that one membership gives you unlimited access to both our spaces! So throw away your homeoffice for a moment and...

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