What is coworking? Or 9 statements of coworkers
29 Apr 2019

Coworking - you've probably heard about that word a lot nowadays. But if you still can't imagine what's behind the word, we'd like to help you!

But which professionals are not checking the Wikipedia first? Wiki says: "Coworking involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity." - no way! People in Campus are dependent on networking, inspirational colleagues and coffee from the bar. So we asked the basic questions about coworking just the right people - our dear members.

What is coworking?

Place where you are surrounded by like-minded people that support and push you. - Sarah Weiss, ByBase

The biggest benefit of coworking is

Environment and people. You are more productive surrounded by interesting people. - Pavlo Zabaikin, Jarvify

One disadvantage of coworking

The open office has some noisy situations. - Andrew Yanush, Yanpix

Coworking is suitable for

Everyone except carpenters. :) - Peter Dendis, Komoio

Coworking wouldn't be suitable for

People who don't tend to do some steps to be modern or innovative in their business. - Zuzana Slobodová, Naytrolabs

What shouldn't be missing in a co-working space?

Coffee, bar with some food, great internet, enough of light, a space for relaxing, terrace, events and meeting rooms. - everyone in & outside Campus

What is the biggest surprise of coworking space?

Events, friendly people & feeling like at home. - Ahmed Al Hafoudh, Freevision

Is there something that co-working taught you?

It made me realize how heavily I rely on being surrounded by like-minded people who challenge me every day by being who they are. - René Pajta, Cloudera

Basic day of a coworker

I come to work at around 9-10, I sit at one of 2 of my favourite spots in each space, usually I do some tasks right from the start, then I take a lunch break or tea break and talk to people, I attend a few meetings and/or collaborate with my team, usually something unexpected happens. (laughter) - Terezia Kmecova, Campus

Have you already got a better view? They say - a picture paints a thousand words, so we'd like to offer you a free test day with a space tour in one or both of our two spaces. You just have to click...



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