4 things that will make your team think about moving into a coworking space
08 Mar 2019

So you decided to follow your entrepreneurial dream and want to develop the business further.

Where are you going to look for the best advice? Where are you going to find potential new clients or business partners? And most crucial, where are you even going to work from?

Your apartment or your favorite café is suddenly too small for all the ideas you have or too busy to keep you focused. No worries, a coworking might do the work! How?

Here are 4 reasons to switch to more productive workspace:


1. Work in top-notch facilities

Let's face it! Working from home or café will not get you far.

At a café, you need to struggle with distractions, noises, and you are under pressure to order more and more flat whites until your heart slowly beeps to stroke. And it doesn't even look professional to meet a client at an espresso bar.

Home office then, you say? Well, that has a lot of issues, too. From loud neighbors through no work-life balance to procrastination. You remember watching Stranger Things instead of preparing that presentation, right? 

Apart from that, both of these options come with diverse challenges like loneliness, motivation struggles, or holidays planning. Oh, and finding a reliable wi-fi connection.

A coworking can offer you a workspace that is professionally equipped both for the work you need to do, as well as for your meetings. Furthermore, it brings you an infinite number of engaging and quality workshops and surrounds you with hard working people that will keep you motivated.


2. Network like never before

Every coworking space is filled with people who have the same struggles and challenges as you do. Be it freelancers, small companies, growing businesses, bigger teams, or even enterprises. Networking with such people will bring your business on a whole new level.

Coworking spaces encourage internal community relationships. Chats over a cup of coffee can turn into an exchange of ideas followed by new and prosperous partnerships.

Are you a startup founder who needs help with writing a killer press release? There is a good chance you’ll find a writer who’ll fit your expectations over that cup of coffee. At Campus, for example, community events like breakfasts/brunches, after work beer/wine/bbq, or yoga classes during summer take place.


3. Get business advice on hand  

As diversity is the key to progress, coworking spaces embrace all kinds of businesses.


Nothing will open your eyes and give you more valuable advice and feedback than people with various business, tech, consulting, and expert backgrounds. Over time, you might even start to cooperate with these people on improving your business.

Besides, Campus provides its members with legal, tax, and marketing advisory support to ease your business journey.


4. Don't be afraid to grow  

You can come to a coworking space at the early stage of your company. Many members join as one-person companies or freelancers and grow their business in there. Campus, for instance, provides you with the best options to support your team and business growth.

You can combine memberships that suit your business situation best.

Need just a place? Try Hotdesks. Prefer your own dedicated desk? Fixdesk area is a go. Expanding your team? Check out the private offices.

And sure, we know it is not always about growing and hiring, unfortunately. So Campus is entirely flexible when it comes to downsizing, too.

The bottom line? You don't have to take care of anything, you just stay focused on your business.

Now it's just time to go and find the space that is right for your needs.

Wishing you a great coworking journey!


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