Have you ever been in a cowork? Here're 7 reasons why you might come.
07 Feb 2019

These days, everybody is rooting for co-workings all around the world. The market is growing and it feels like you can see co-working on every corner. So, even if you had no idea two years ago what it is, you can't run away from it now.


Let's dive for a moment into magic of co-working. There is a special vibe in such places when you enter the room. A study by the Harvard Business Review found out that on a scale of 7, people using coworking spaces ranked an average score of 6 in terms of their productivity in the workplace - that’s one point higher than the conventional office environment.

 Coworking Space

The Financial Times recently published an article stating, “if coworking is the future, big businesses want a piece of it.” An idea dominating the theory of business culture in the 21st century is that STEAM is favored over STEM. This basically means in order to inspire creativity and cover all bases of potential growth in the business world, people from Arts backgrounds should join those from Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths sectors.

So what are the reasons that the world goes crazy about it?

Well, the world is changing and it also applies in the work area. Millennials, Generations Z are the game changers for the way we work today.

 Rasťo Kiavčin

Reasons you might want to join co-working:

Expand your network

The best way to keep yourself surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators is to work in a progressive environment. Taking advantage of these energetic environments, strong community and educational events can take your professional networking to a whole new level.

New opportunities

To work in a creative and progressive workplace can provide you with a new spectrum of new opportunities. Whole spaces are based on collaboration and skill sharing which enable you to showcase your skills and find new connections with your co-workers.


Traditional workplace is changing massively. Take advantage of this situation and let co-working release your best potential.


Community, community, community. A real strong community that is created is probably the fact that will push you forward. Because collaboration is the key.


When starting a business, freelance or simply just being an entrepreneur you can face many tough situations. To make it a little easier we are providing law and tax advisory as part of our memberships.


Working in co-working gives you flexibility as you need. You can come as you desire and eat cakes during nights. You have various memberships you can choose from and you can switch as available.


Whatever you do, working in co-working is giving you all the freedom and equipment that allows you to focus on purpose and working on your business.

If you would like to visit us please then just send us an email or in the meanwhile visit our IG TV and take a tour! You're also able to have your free day in any of our co-working spaces by hitting the button below!


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