A progressive space helps you adjust to new requirements for human performance
28 Jan 2019

Dušan Plichta, biohacker and founder/CEO of Powerlogy


Inspired by the Silicon Valley mindfulness movement, he has brought its innovative ideas to Slovakia. You can call him many names and occupations from biohacker, through a blogger and chef up to entrepreneur and inventor.


Whichever you pick, you’ll always come to the conclusion that he is simply exploring new ideas in the world of nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, test them in his own life, and spread the word about those that work.


Breaking the change resistance

„I think a lot about where the market was when I started out and how has it changed. Honestly, it strikes me how conservative we are here. Progress and innovations are something that should help us but people don’t want to change. The resistance is strong,” starts our interview Dušan.

 Dusan Plichta in ice

He admits, though, that the young generation is more open to adjusting their routines and lifestyle and catching up to trends from the Western world.


„Requirements for human performance have changed. We need to accept that and go with it. The era of energy drinks, cigarettes, burnt coffee is hopefully gone. Today, we can measure human performance not only from the nutritional standpoint but also in terms of meditation, exercise, experimentation.”


One of the most challenging aspects to tackle is personal motivation. When it derives from external factors such as money, success, fame, or likes on social media, it doesn’t work. „Once you find intrinsic motivation to change things in your life and you start competing only with yourself, the progress is palpable. You start to reflect on what you buy, what you eat, how do you exercise, and be aware of what is good for you and what is not.“


In 2015, Dušan founded his own brand Powerlogy and began producing coffee while presenting his approach to nutrition to the general public through his blogs, consulting, and events. Fast forward 2019, Dušan’s brand is strongly established in the Slovak and Czech market with product portfolio from coffee to tens of various products including chocolate, butter, or oils.


"We have grown from three people to ten. 2018 was a year of scale when we established processes, developed our own systems, hired people, invested in and improved our e-commerce system. The latest addition to our portfolio is our own Powerlogy Space combining a showroom, meeting space, and cafe,” he explains.


Win-wins always work

As with many other Dušan’s encounters, the one with Campus founders took very similar trajectory – coffee. „They wanted to have a good coffee in the coworking space. So we had a chat, I explained my approach to things, they revealed their vision, and it all aligned. Bringing new ideas to people, providing conditions for growth and being an example of it is a mission I share with the founders.“


Thus, a win-win solution was on the table. He helped them with coffee supply, they let him have a desk as one of the very first „inhabitants” of the Campus Mlyny. „I was like – man, save a spot for me, I don’t want to miss it.”


„Honestly, I was worried a bit as my workspace before had been my quiet home. Now it was time to become a part of a coworking space which seemed like a distraction. But it is truly designed to let you focus and work.”


As Dušan says, the space is all-inclusive. The founders and community managers listen to you. Example? With his active lifestyle, he had missed an exercising tool in the place. „I initiated an Octago street workout construction on the terrace. In no time, they pulled it off, and – not only – I enjoy it over the sunny days.”


If you need to take a shower after exercise, there is a place. If you need a quality lunch, there is a place. If you need to rest or meditate, there is a place. „Those small Skype booths are great also for relaxing and meditation. The bottom line is that it all starts with a progressive attitude by the founders.“


With less time, it’s about priorities

Today, Powerlogy has a team of ten people but unlike other founders and teams which have passed through the doors of Campus, Dušan is on his own. He has two different sides he needs to balance. „Not many people know that I am more on the introverted side. I need my peace and focus. If needed and with the right motivation, I can simply switch to an extrovert mode.”


As the founder, Dušan needs to be ahead with the latest trends while still working hard on his business and studying the latest discoveries in human development. Over the time, he has become also a father which made him re-think his time management.


„Life introduced a great game changer – my kid.” He doesn’t have that much time as previously taking into consideration also the increased tasks in the company. “Therefore the time has come to eliminate many things and among them also these engaging Campus events. I pass around when leaving the space and tell myself – oh boy, I would love to join. But it’s always about the priorities in your life.“



Top three (audio)books/blogs/podcasts that changed your way of looking at the world?

Latest two months for me definitely:

  1. Book: This is Marketing, Seth Godin
  2. Podcast: Tim Ferris Show or Bulletproof Radio
  3. Blog or inspiration online: Mindvalley.com


Which app or tool do you regularly use that most people around you do not know, AKA your „secret weapon“?

People probably don’t know that I regularly meditate, and I like the CALM app.


The best personal hack that helped you become more effective/productive/healthier/less stressed/get things done over the last 6 months?

Putting time in careful creative planning and lifestyle design with proceeding meditation to make sure what I really want and need. I gained increased clarity of the mind and ability to say more NO’s and a few important YES’s, I’m making better nutrition choices, focus choices and see better opportunities.


A thing people do not know about you but you can share it with the world?

I come from a folklore community, having danced on stages from the age of four. I have been lucky to travel the world with folk ensembles Zemplin and Lucnica, and I consider myself an advanced dancer.

 Dusan Plichta portrait

A quote you live by?

„Making few right things is more than making many things right“, or „Where there is fear, there is your way of growth“

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